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Ka Koncept 2016

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We could easily go on and on about the records this sail has broken on multiple occasions, but we would much rather keep it simple and explain its virtues. The Koncept combines the blistering speed and acceleration of a full-blooded race sail with the user friendliness of a freeride sail.
It’s all about the right combination!  
Thanks to its lightweight ergonomics, you will hardly know it is there when you are blasting down your local speed strip and setting new personal speed records.

The 2016 Koncept has the stability you would certainly expect of a super high performance race sail but it does not become a monster that only giants can hang on to. This is achieved by a combination of reasonably high foil tension, and 3 cams, 7 carbon/composite battens and a moderately wide luff sleeve in super lightweight hi-tech 2 mil tri-axial X-ply.

Notable for 2016 is the addition of extra hi-tech 2 mil tri-axial laminate to the upper leech which reduces swing weight, even further enhancing the lightweight ergonomics. We added extra luff round and seam shaping in the lower foil to get a more locked-in feeling and a more balanced sail. Sizes 4.2 to 6.2 are optimized for speed sailing with more shape in the lower foil, while the 6.6 to 9.5 are more slalom oriented and faster cross wind. Sizes 5.8 up to 9.5 are provided with SDM cambers; sizes 5.4 and down are supplied with RDM cams. A replacement set is available to make the switch between SDM and RDM.

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Koncept windsurf sail

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